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Crew access

Okanagan Helicopter Wine tours & Sightseeing

Explore the incredible South Okanagan from a bird's eye vantage point! We will shuttle you around the skies hight above Lake Okanagan and Skaha Lake on your personal helicopter tour. We use industry leading Eurocopter ASTAR and Bell Longranger helicopters for your tour. Comfortable, fast and nimble - the ASTAR is the best suited helicopter for tours.

Eclipse Helicopters' pilots are all "high-time" (15,000 hours or more!) pilots who are masters in the sky, but also a lot of fun! Each member of your party will be given a intercom headset and will be entertained and educated about the surrounding area and sights in the Okanagan.

South Okanagan Sneak Peak Tour

Skaha / Winery Tours

Ellis Creek Canyon Tour