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Skaha Winery Tour

Fly the skies and sip the wines of an award winning vineyard in our very own south Okanagan's backyard. Enjoy a tasting* at 1 of our partnered wineries** and continue the adventure with a visit to greater heights, a stop at the top and aerial views that will take your breath away!
Maximum 5 passengers - starting at $1825 + tax.
Add Champagne Picnic - $2080 - 4 guests
Tasting Fees not included

*Mountain Top Picnic includes: sourced local meats and cheeses, seasonal fruits, crudite and stunning locally crafted bottle of Bubbly.

**Choose from our growing list of exemplary vineyard locations:
North: Dirty Laundry - Therapy
Central: Da Silva - Noble Ridge - Painted Rock - See Ya Later Ranch
South: Check Mate Winery - District Wine Village - La Stella - Le View Pin - Phantom Creek - Seven Stones